Vancouver Movers Tips On Moving with Children


Moving with Children can be the most challenging of all household moving scenarios. This is especially true if your current home is the one that your child/children grew up in from day one. Our Vancouver movers have years of experience in relocating families and having seen the looks on the faces of some of the children that are less prepared for the move we understand the sensitive nature of such a big transition. Once again, Best Choice moving is here to offer our advice on yet another big household moving concern.

Here are our 5 Tips On Moving With Children:

1. Family Meeting

You’ve likely discussed the prospect of moving well in advance with your children but when it becomes official (e.g. You’ve purchased your new home, etc…) then it’s a good idea to hold a family meeting. In the meeting, you and your family together can begin the planning process for everything from packing to transporting. Make your kids an integral part of the process by asking for their input where it’s practical to do so. When they feel like their contribution is valued, they’ll begin to get excited about the move.

2. Planning Their New Room

One of the biggest ways to get your kids excited about the move is to give them autonomous (within reason of course) decorating control over their new room and let them know about it early on. Go ahead and let them get creative with wall color paint choices and furnishings. If your children know that they are preparing to move into a new room with a clean slate that allows them to fully express themselves as little individuals they will be more ecstatic about the impending moving day.

3. Purging Passé Possessions w/Yard Sale

Getting rid of the clutter around the house, especially the collections found in the kids’ rooms can be a hard thing to do, not only in scope but within the sentimental value attached to possessions. One way to get your children interested in this purging prospect is to plan a neighborhood yard sale and get them involved. One thing kids love more than their old dusty toys, books, and clothes is money. More money means they can buy new “stuff” to fill their new room with.

4. Check Out the New Neighborhood in Advance

Much of the fear felt by children when moving from their home comes from the idea of moving into a new neighborhood where they are unfamiliar with the lay of the land and the other kids within it. The best way to get over this hump is to begin spending time within the new community before you arrive there. Take the kids to the playground in the new neighborhood on the weekends prior to the move, go out to the local movie theater, join activities in the local community center and immerse yourselves as a family into the new community weeks before you officially arrive. You’ll find that your children will have already made a few friends.

5. Plan a House Warming Party

Even when your children are fully onboard and excited about the move it still gets emotionally tough for them as the big day approaches. They will be leaving a proximity that is likely close to friends, family, and even the friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista. Plan a big housewarming party for a week after you’ve moved in and invite everyone involved in your child’s life that they may not see as much now that they’ve moved to another neighborhood. Seeing these loved ones in their new home will make the new home feel like, well, home. Your children will also light up with pride when given the opportunity to show-off their new digs (and self-decorated room!) to their friends.

Of course your children are your children and so only you know the small things that will truly keep them from concern during this time. We simply hope that this article provided you with some additional insight on how a major home relocation can actually be an exciting and fun event for the whole family. Are you preparing for a household relocation? Please feel free to contact our Vancouver moving company anytime and we will help ease this transition.