Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving to a New City

Are you moving to a new city soon? Perhaps you are doing so to begin an exciting new career. Perhaps you are moving to take a long distance relationship to another level. Maybe you’re bold with your New Year resolutions and have decided to throw caution to the wind and embark on your life’s next journey by starting 2014 off in a whole new area code. Whatever your reason this is a major transition in your life and during such a time, exciting as it may be, it certainly helps to have a helping hand. As the Greater Vancouver area’s most sought after local and long distance moving company Best Choice Moving & Storage has many years of experience in relocating individuals and entire households to and from the region. We have been a part of this life transition for countless of homes and in an effort to proactively aid in the process we thought we’d use our latest blog update to provide you all with a few tips to relocating to a new town, city, or metropolis.

5 Tips to Moving to a New City

1. Visit as a Soon to Be Resident First

If you’re moving to a new city chances are that you have visited it on more than a few occasions before. However on those visits you likely saw the town through the eyes as a tourist, and not someone that would soon be laying a foundation there. Take another trip (if feasible) to the city where which you will be moving in the near future and take notice and note of everything that you will need to know as resident. Find out where your new home is in relation to your new place of work. Know where the local grocery stores are, the coffee shops with wireless, dry-cleaners, fitness centers, and so on. Know the lay of the land before making landfall and your long distance transition will be much better for it.

2. Learn the Municipal Law

Every municipality comes with a unique set of laws and regulations. When moving to a new city you may be entering a zone with regulations that you are not accustomed to. Dog owners will need to know the neighborhood leash laws regarding their pet and bicycle commuters will want to learn about helmet requirements. Think ahead of time if there is anything in your lifestyle that may need to be altered when moving to a new municipality.

3. Research the Commute

One of the biggest challenges of moving to a new city is learning how to navigate it on a day to day basis. You don’t want to be late, or even too early, for your new job (if that’s why you’re moving) in the first few weeks because you haven’t done your homework with respect to traffic patterns, city transit, bike lanes, walking distances, and so forth. By simply checking online direction searches from your new address to “the office” and other points of interest you can be well prepared for the commute. Spend some time “cruising” your new city on Google Street View before you arrive and you’ll already feel “at home” by the time you show up to your new home.

4. Secure Storage Before Arrival

When you’re relocating to a new city you need everything to go right. However when doing so on your own that rarely happens. You could show up to your new apartment in the new city with your possessions in tow only to find there has been a mix-up with the elevator booking or a power outage. The list of things that can go wrong before moving in your possessions can go on and on and so there is no better back-up plan (unless your parents live in town) than securing off-site storage. Search online to find a reputable storage company near your new address before moving and rent space for one month starting with the day you arrive. Even if there are no mini-emergencies you’ll find that having the extra space immediately available to you when first settling in will be a big blessing.

5. Hire a Professional Mover

Take the stress out of the equation and enjoy this new transition by handing off the logistics to a professional long distance moving company. That way you can travel via plane, train, or automobile without the weight (literal and figurative) of your household possessions keeping you from enjoying the beginning of this new journey.

If you happen to be moving to or from the Greater Vancouver area then you could do no wrong by having our local and long distance moving company facilitate the household relocation process. Please feel free to contact Best Choice Moving & Storage at your convenience for any questions you may have and to get the ball rolling on this exciting new time in your life.