Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving in January


The new year has finally arrived and with it comes our beginning of the month entry to our Vancouver movers’ blog series. January marks a major transition for a large portion of the population and for many a household relocation may be on the immediate horizon. In true form, Best Choice Moving & Storage is providing our Greater Vancouver residents/readers with a few valuable tips to moving this month.

4 Tips to Moving in January

1. Weather Report

December certainly showed us that winter indeed arrived. We experienced colder than normal temperatures and even had a relatively heavy dusting of snow just before the week of Christmas. We anticipate about the same weather trend this month as its predecessor and thus once again we urge you to revisit a couple of our archived articles on winter relocations – Tips to Moving in the Snow and 3 Household Possessions that Should Stay Out of the Cold During a Move. Follow the instructions within those entries and your January move will get your household started off in the right direction for 2014.

2. Early Month School Break

This year family units are treated to a few extra free days with the kids out of class until the 6th. If you are moving mid-month or at the end of January you are well served by taking advantage of these early month days to get the kids involved in the packing up of their possessions (an often time-consuming process) so that they complete the bulk of the chore before school starts. You will not want to interrupt the studies of the new term when it begins.

3. Rental Competition Briefly Spikes

While the winter season still remains the slowest of the four in the home relocation industry the month of January receives a not-so-curious spike in activity as new careers, semesters, and co-habitation relationships have people transitioning into new accommodations. New Year resolutions also cause many to make a change of abode. Of the winter months January is definitely known to see a greater wave of interest in new rentals and thus you should be prepared for a bit more of a challenge in securing one that suits your tastes and budget. Start “shopping” for condo rentals today (where applicable).

4. Limited Moving Budget

There is no doubt that the month of December is one of the most expensive ones for many individuals and households. For those that celebrate the Holiday season the tally of gifts, entertainment, and leisure leave many tightening their fiscal belts come January. If you are relocating this month you are likely doing so with a limited budget and thus you must consider the most efficient means to pack, store, and move your possessions. What many do not realize, is that hiring a cost competitive moving and storage company to perform the relocation is often cheaper than attempting to do the entire thing on your own. When you factor in renting your own moving vehicle, purchasing/renting supplies, and taking time off of work, hiring a fast and reputable mover ends up being the best option for your budget.

By considering the above and beginning the January relocation by contacting Best Choice Moving & Storage for a free estimate, you are starting the new year off in the best direction for you and your entire household.