Vancouver Movers Tips, for Dogs

Moving with Dogs

Ease this little fella’s trepidation by following our tips

For many households dogs are not just pets, they are a part of the family. In cities such as Vancouver, where boutique dog shops outnumber stores that cater to children and a walk along the sea wall evidences pups in walking strollers it becomes clear that pooches play an important role in the lives of many people, our customers included. In this week’s blog post our Vancouver moving company provides tips to make sure that families that count dogs amongst their number move, and move them with care.

5 Tips to Moving with Dogs

1. Picking the Right Neighborhood

You do yourself and your dog a favor when picking the right neighborhood to move into. You’re the one that must take them out for exercise and if there are no dog friendly, off-leash parks or beaches in the area you’re in for a long walk or drive daily to find one. It also helps to find a neighborhood with pet shops and a vet in reasonable proximity. Your new neighborhood is a part of your daily routine so think well in advance about how it can accommodate you and your family dog.

2. Picking the Right Home

If you are considering moving into a detached home you will want to ensure that there is proper square footage both indoors and outdoors to fit the size and lifestyle of your dog. If moving into a condo then you of course need to consider whether or not dogs are allowed and if so you will need to inquire about size restrictions. In Vancouver, many downtown rentals have 25LB limits.

3. Create a Safe Space When Packing Up Old Home

Packing up the home can panic your dog. There is no way to fully “communicate” to them as to what is happening and this can cause them a lot of stress. When packing up the home, create a “last to leave the home” safe space for them where (easy to move) familiar furniture, their favorites toys, and items that they best associate with home remain until the final hours before the move arrive. Keep them in the room (they will often choose to stay there anyways) and when all else is ready for transport pack the remaining items up, show your pup some strong affection, and whisk off together to your new family home.

4. Travel with Your Dog When Moving Long Distance

We touched on this topic in greater detail in a previous blog post so we recommend reading the article on moving long distances with pets. But we can say here for certain that it is best for your dog and your own peace of mind that when moving over long distances to keep your pet with you. Forget about those professional pet relocation services. No matter “comfortable” the transport accommodations are nothing will soothe your dog better than the sound of your voice and knowing that you’re on the same plane, train, or automobile as them.

5. Have their Favorite Things Waiting for them in New Home

Remember to take those “safe space” possessions from tip #3 and ensure that they go into your new home before your dog arrives. Have the items waiting in the space that you have deemed their primary “zone” in the new home and be sure to include a few of their favorite snacks and treats which lets them know the relocation is by no means a punishment.

If you’re moving with your furry four legged pet anytime soon be sure to throw your dog a bone and contact our Vancouver movers today to get them, and your entire home, moving on the right track.