Vancouver Movers Tips to Moving to the Waterfront


If you are moving to, or within, Vancouver the chances that your next home lands you near the waterfront are greater than almost anywhere else in the country. Our proximity to saltwater bays, channels, harbors, and marinas puts many houses and condos within steps of the ocean. Best Choice Moving has moved more than a few households to the waterfront and because of this we have gained some insight that will serve you well, if such a relocation is on your horizon.

4 Tips for Households Moving to Vancouver’s Waterfront

Prepare for Vancouver’s Seasonal Traffic

You may have chosen to relocate to a Vancouver waterfront residence because of the crisp air and quiet demeanor found there through 9 months of the year. However, as the season of summer approaches you had best be prepared for the wave. As soon as the weather in Vancouver averages above the 15 degree Celsius mark all sunny days populate the waterfront faster than you can inflate a beach ball. All of a sudden your quiet neighborhood becomes a haven for car, bike, and foot traffic from dawn to well past dusk. The three P’s of challenges to waterfront living – parking, (noise) pollution, and privacy – kick in during the season. You will want to make the necessary preparations. Nonetheless this is a small price to pay in comparison to the benefits.

Protect Your Vehicles from Sea Air

Saltwater molecules in the air impact the condition of your vehicles, resulting in corrosion and rust. If you have taken up residence near the ocean and its various bays, channels, and ports around Greater Vancouver then you had best buy a secure cover for any cars, trucks, and motorcycles parked outside of your home.

You Can Earn a Few Extra Bucks on Long Weekends and Holidays

Your new residence near the waterfront of Vancouver has just made your accommodations very valuable in the eyes of travelers. You can turn this interest into big bucks by posting your waterfront place on trusted sites such as AirBnB Vancouver – where interested properties can chose to rent your home for anywhere from a one night stay to a few weeks, while you yourself are out of town (on vacation, business trip, etc…). These services filter out the “bad eggs” of the bunch and have become a popular method for homeowners looking to supplement their income to pay off their mortgage.

Secure Off-Site Storage for Water Based Recreational Gear

If you have chosen to move to the waterfront of Vancouver then you either have a collection of outdoor water based recreational gear (kayak, SUP, etc…) or you will end up buying into the lifestyle soon enough. While these certainly add to your quality of life index reading, they can take up square footage, especially for those residing within condos. Consider securing off-site storage so that you do not clutter your home with the recreational equipment during the off-seasons.

Finally, if you are moving to any waterfront home in the Greater Vancouver area then we encourage you to contact Best Choice Moving & Storage today to get started on your relocation by the sea.