Vancouver Movers New Year Household Storage Resolutions


Our last blog post of 2013 intends to prepare your household for the year ahead. Regardless of whether or not you are moving in 2014 our Vancouver movers thought we’d put together an easy-to-follow list of “resolutions” to help keep your home free of clutter in the year ahead. By heeding the following advice you and your family can thrive in a clean, organized, and more spacious home. And if you do indeed intend on relocating within the next 365 days you will be much more prepared than ever with these initiatives in place.

3 Resolutions to a Clutter Free Home in the New Year

1. Start the Year by Cleaning House

Before any advice can take full effect it is essential that you start with as clean a slate as possible. There are three keywords to take note of in resolution #1 here – recycle, donate, dispose. By following our weekly Vancouver movers blog in the new year ahead you will uncover interesting and unique tips to the three options to minimizing any hoarding tendencies that you or members of your family may have. For now, simply take stock of what you can afford (this will take some personal sacrifice!) to remove from the home and respond accordingly.

2. Think Before You Buy

Once the home is clutter free from your old possessions it is time to make a change in your purchase habits. From here on in, think twice (at least!) before every purchase that leads to space being consumed in the home. Resist the temptation to buy any sort of furnishing or knick knack just because it has a red tag strung to it indicating a sale. The new year holds many days of post-boxing-week sales, making January the hardest to get through when it comes to making this change. Avoid WalMart, Ikea, Target, and any other retail vice you may have until your new “think twice” mantra becomes an inherent habit.

3. Secure Affordable Out-of-Home Storage

Many households think that they cannot benefit from the small monthly expense of securing off-site storage when there is perfectly good space in the home to accommodate their needs. But ask anyone who maintains a storage locker at a safe, secure, and convenient storage facility and you will see how much of a breath of fresh air it can be. Most of the items we keep in boxes within our home do not see the light of day through most of the year (seasonal items, recreational equipment, sentimental collections, etc…). Keeping these possessions in the home only serves to take up space for no good reason. This ultimately leads to more clutter when more necessary items (things that should</> be kept within close reach) enter the home, items that require that very same square footage. Complete the trifecta of New Year household storage resolutions by contacting Best Choice Moving for your Vancouver storage needs.