Vancouver Movers Green Moving Tips

imageTake off w/a fresh green start on your next home relocation

Moving to a new home marks the start of new beginnings. One of these fresh start initiatives often involves becoming a more Eco-friendly household once in your family’s new home. Best Choice Moving suggests getting a head start on this initiative by going green during the actual moving process. Below we detail a few easy to follow steps in this direction.

5 Tips to a Green Moving

1. Green Cleaning Your Home

Whether wiping down the furnishing and appliances coming along on the move or cleaning up the old home to prepare the residence for its new residents you’re going to be doing a lot of cleaning during your relocation. This traditionally involves the use of chemical based cleaning supplies which is not good for the environment and your health. During the household moving cleaning process switch to Eco-friendly cleaning solutions which can now be purchased from your local grocery store at a far more reasonable price than ever before.

2. Recycle Bin When Cleaning House

It’s easy to get carried away with filling the trash bag when in the middle of packing and cleaning up your old home. By keeping large bins/boxes on site (your old home) during the packing/cleaning and separating these boxes by recycle option (glass, plastic, paper) you force yourself into the habit of reconsidering if an item originally slated for trash is better placed in a recycle bin.

3. Donate Excess

Minimize what you have to recycle or throw away by donating items you no longer need to local charities. Everything (in good condition) from old toys, books, clothes, canned goods and more can have a better life elsewhere. The ultimate form of Eco-friendliness is giving a possession a second life, reused somewhere where it’s needed.

4. Switch New Bills to Electronic

Now is the chance to stop collecting piles of paper bills and flyers that come in the mail everyday. Since you’re moving into a new residence you will have to contact the senders of these paper waste items to change your address. When doing so, take advantage of the opportunity to request that all future delivery and correspondence take place over email.

5. Go Pro on the Relocation

As a Vancouver mover Best Choice Moving knows how important it is to be a green conscious company ourselves and thus we implement our own best practices when conducting our business. If you are looking to alleviate the burden of a household relocation while being green friendly then we suggest that you contact our Vancouver moving company today.