Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condo with a Dog


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Vancouver is a dog loving city. Households all around the Lower Mainland make concessions in their life to accommodate the needs of their four legged family member. For the most part the relocation process for those of you with dogs is pretty straight forward and we have even provided tips in the past regarding advice on moving with dogs. However this recent article on moving to downtown Vancouver, with a heavy emphasis on condominium living, reminded us that a whole new set of considerations are at play when it comes to relocating into a condo with a dog. Best Choice Moving thought we’d weigh in on this important issue today.

4 Tips to Moving into a Vancouver Condominium with your Dog

1. The 25 LB Rule

Condos in Vancouver either allows dogs of all sizes or they have the 25lb rule stating that your Snoopy can’t tip the scales passed that mark if they want to reside within. Many rental properties abide by this law. We’ve seen Great Danes the size of horses in one complex while the condo across the street won’t allow a dog that can’t fit snuggly in a gym bag. You’ll need to consider this before selecting your next home, or dog, depending upon which comes first.

2. Bark Worse than Bite?

The smaller the dog the bigger the bark can be it seems and all over the city condo neighbors are being awaken by these impromptu alarm clocks. If you have an especially noisy dog then you will want to consider a corner suite condo to minimize the barking that can disturb other tenants and ultimately cause friction with them and property management. Aside from that, a good dog whisperer (simply Google “dog whisperer Vancouver BC”) may do the trick.

3. Condo Exterior Rules

One look around the cement sidewalk base of many high-rise condo properties will uncover the trickled evidence of a pet owner not showing the courtesy to walk their dog to the nearest grass area for a tinkle. Many condos in fact have this violation written in their tenant-with-pets lease or strata agreement. Be sure to acknowledge and abide by these laws to avoid issues with condo management. Simply identify the best place (grassy knoll, tree stump, etc…) away from the building, sidewalks, and driveways to take your dog for a bathroom run when at home.

4. Proximity to Dog Parks

Finding a place for your pooch to run around in the suburbs (whether your yard or nearby park) is fairly easy however living in a condo means you will have to travel a bit to find a leash-off zone. Move into a condo that is within close proximity to a good dog park. For example if you live in Yaletown Vancouver there are great doggie designated parks on both sides of False Creek. If you live in Kitsilano there is an awesome dog beach cove between the Maritime Museum and Kits Beach. Do a little homework and you will be able to move into a condo that accommodates your dog loving lifestyle.

We hope you found this most recent addition to our Vancouver movers blog to be helpful for both you and your best furry friend. For all other inquiries regarding your Greater Vancouver local and long distance relocation please contact Best Choice Moving & Storage today.