Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver


A recent article in the Vancouver Sun detailed the large growth in Metro Vancouver real estate sales at the onset of 2014. Within this widespread Lower Mainland trend includes a growth of downtown Vancouver sales, predominantly in the west side condominium market. As a Vancouver mover we make it our job to follow these trends as movement in real estate impacts movement in the local moving industry. As a local and long distance relocation expert we have transported individuals and households throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond into the downtown core and outlying areas. Our staff and company as a whole is very familiar with moving to and living within our metropolis and thus have decided to put together a quick list to help you with your move to the epicenter of Greater Vancouver.

4 Tips to Moving to Downtown Vancouver

1. Understand Condominium Moving Day Challenges

If you’re moving into downtown Vancouver then you are likely moving into a high-rise condo. Moving day for those of you relocating into one of these towering complexes presents a unique set of challenges. Follow the steps detailed in our Tips to Moving into a Condo article and you will do just fine.

2. Ask Yourself if You Still a Need a Car

Many of you move downtown to be close to work and are willing to take on the added expense for the convenience. In addition to being close to your “9 to 5” you have gained immediate access to the entertainment, leisure, and recreation so bountiful in downtown Vancouver. While you certainly needed your vehicle to get to work and enjoy all of the above while living in the outskirts or suburbs you will quickly find you may not need wheels when living downtown. Pretty much everything is in walking distance and if not, transit is most readily available downtown more than in any other Greater Vancouver district. Downtown is also very bike friendly (many lanes!) for you peddlers. Should you need a car for rainy days to run errands those cute little Zip Cars and Car-2-Go’s are parked on nearly every corner and ready for use at a moments notice. The expense of living in downtown Vancouver will be made up for if you sell your vehicle and remove the monthly cost of gas, insurance, payments, and parking.

3. Big Box Shop to Avoid Costly Impulse Grocery Purchases

One of the conveniences of living downtown is that there is a convenience store or boutique grocery retailer around every corner. You’ll never run into a toilet paper emergency that cannot be rectified without a quick jaunt from your front door to the store. However this convenience leads to an expensive habit as we all know these convenient little retail spots have price mark-ups through the roof. Avoid the added expense of relying on these shops for your main grocery needs and be sure to big box shop twice per month. There is a Costco located downtown that will allow you to do so.

4. Lost Square Footage? Get Storage

Moving downtown often involves sacrificing square footage. However this does not mean you need to take to Craigslist to reduce your load quite yet. Consider off-site storage for some of your big but valued possessions (outdoor recreational equipment, etc…).

If you are moving to downtown Vancouver and you need help with your relocation (including storage) please contact Best Choice Moving & Storage anytime.