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5 Items to Donate to Ease Your Home Relocation Load


If you read our recent New Year resolution article regarding minimizing the clutter in your home in order to make more efficient use of the storage available to you then you know we made mention of donations. We have always stated that the moving process begins the minute you make the decision to move. At that point households should begin instituting ways to reduce the amount of possessions that come with them on the future relocation. One of the most effective and altruistic ways to accomplish this is by donating items around the home, some of which you may not have anticipated as candidates for such a thing in the first place. Today, Best Choice Moving & Storage is providing you with a few recommendations to help you in this endeavor.

5 Things to Donate Before Your Next Move

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Vancouver Movers’ 5 Tips for Summer Moving


There are a lot of local moving blog articles offering tips to moving in the cold weather because there are so many contingencies to prepare for that can affect you, your possessions, and the transport process. However, seeing as we are in the early stages of the official moving season Best Choice Moving thought it wise to share a few tips about moving in the hot summer months.

Now as Vancouver movers we know what you local residents may be thinking – what hot summer months? OK, that’s a fair assessment of the fairly mild summers we receive here in the Lower Mainland BUT when you’re in the middle of a “heavy” household move, especially if you are moving without the services of a professional moving company, an 18 degree (Celsius) day can feel more like 28. Thus, in our never ending effort to share our knowledge about the local Vancouver moving and storage process, Best Choice is offering our 5 Tips to Summer Moving:

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