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Things to Consider When Moving In With a Partner

Our Vancouver movers offer tips for moving in with your partner.
Moving in together marks a big step in your relationship and ups the commitment situation by a whole new level. Now you’re not only sharing your space, but your life, together. This will undoubtedly change the relationship in many ways, both positively and negatively. Here are some things to keep in mind when making this decision.

What to Consider when Moving in Together

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Moving Awkward Furniture: Sofas and Couches

Our Vancouver moving company offers tips for moving awkward furniture pieces.
We all have hard-to-move items in our houses, be it a clumsy couch or a titanic television set. If you are one of those small-budget movers who would like to try your own strength, we would like to offer you some instructions in helping you move those awkward items. In the next several entries, we will show you how to move different items. Today, we will provide you with instructions on how to move that big monster of a sofa or a couch through the main entrance of your new home.

10 Tips to Moving Awkward Furniture

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How to Pack Light No Matter What

Learn how to pack more efficiently with our Vancouver Movers

Traveling light is an acquired skill, albeit a useful one. Whether you are vacationing for two weeks or two months, it is important that you learn how to pack light. Packing light not only saves you space and time but also money from additional baggage fees. If you’re moving to a new place, it is also advisable to pack light because the less things you have with you, the less you will have to worry about. Here are some tips to pack light.

4 Tips on Packing Lighter

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6 Tips on How to be a Good Roommate

Our Vancouver movers offer tips on how to be a good roommate.
Good roommates are hard to come by. Even the best of friends can jeopardize their close relationship by choosing to live together. This is because sharing a space with others draws attention to your differences, thus requiring a lot of compromises to keep everyone happy. Here is how you can keep the peace in your home:

How to be a Good Roommate

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Dealing With Change

Our movers in Vancouver offer some tips for dealing with changes.
Moving can be a scary experience especially if you’re moving alone, and understandably so. This is because it requires an emotional, mental and physical understanding of change. Even if you have experienced moving before, know that each time will be different. You will challenge your comfort zone in more ways than one and you will feel confusion at times, but that’s okay. :)

How to Deal with the Changes of Moving

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Five Qualities of Good Movers – Part 2

Our Vancouver movers provide efficient and reliable services.

Even though moving into a new residence can be revitalizing and exciting, getting all your furniture and other belongings there can be a hassle. By hiring a reliable and reputable moving company, you will be able to make the entire experience less stressful than it might have otherwise been. However, finding a good mover is easier said than done since there are numerous firms which provide moving and storage services here in Vancouver.

In the previous article, we discussed five important qualities of a good mover. Here is a look at five more so that you can easily find the best.

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Five Qualities of Good Vancouver Movers: Part 1

Our Vancouver movers are reliable, friendly and efficient.

Moving to a new house can be a harrowing experience – especially if it is a long way away. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional moving and storage company in Vancouver to help you out. You will have a number of different options to choose from, which could make selecting a firm especially difficult. However, because you would not want to give a stranger you can’t trust the responsibility of handling many of your prized possessions, it is important that you find a reliable moving company to do the job.

To find good Vancouver movers, you first need to know what the qualities of one are. Here is a look at some of them:

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Things You Should Avoid Sending with the Movers

What not to pack with our Vancouver Movers

Before you start packing, you need to make sure you have made arrangements with our Vancouver Movers. Moving is not as simple as it may initially seem to be, and packing stuff up can take a lot of time. The first thing you should do is to take some time and categorize all the items you own. Decide on what you need to pack, what you need to carry with you, and what you can to donate or toss.

Here are some tips you can use to cut down on the hassles associated with moving and also ensure the safety of the items you are transporting.

Avoid Packing Harmful Materials

There are a number of household items which can be dangerous when you are moving. Chemical liquids such as oil, kerosene, strong household cleaners, etc. may leak and damage other goods during transportation. Avoid carrying items which could cause a serious accident.

Carry All You Important Documents with You

Many people make the mistake of packing and sending all their important documents such as medical history, driving license, bank documents, etc. If you are moving to a place which is far away, never choose to send such items along with the rest of your belongings. In case any of these documents get lost, you may end up facing a lot of difficulty. Plus, you may require many of these documents during the move.

Avoid Packing Expensive and Memorable Items

There will be some items you own which are special to you. Even if you hire the best possible moving company, there is always a risk of some items getting damaged during transportation. Therefore, it is recommended that items which are of special importance to you, or really expensive, be carried with you, and not given to the moving agency. Even though it might require a bit more effort to carry such stuff with you, it could be worth it in the end.

Living Things Should Not Be Packed

When you are moving to a new place, don’t make the mistake of sending living things such as plants or pets with the movers. In fact, many moving agencies refuse to take pets with them, unless the distance to be covered is short. Instead of putting your beloved pets in a confusing situation, choose to take them with you when moving. If you are not able to take it with you for some reason, look to make alternate arrangements such as dropping your pet off with a friend for a short while.

Hiring a good moving agency is your best bet, when it comes to making sure your belongings are safe. If you are moving to or from Vancouver, contact Best Choice moving today!

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3 Tips for Moving from College to Home

Moving From College to Home with our Vancouver Movers
A few years ago you made the transition from staying in your family home to settling down in the college dorms. As the years breezed past, the University campus became your home, your dorm-mates became your family, and your dorm-bed was the spot you wanted to crash in after a long day at college. In between semesters, examinations, relationships, friendships, internships, you never stopped to realise how much this place has grown on you. But now, it is time to leave all this behind, and shift back to your family home, or into your own apartment!

Here are a few tips on how to make the process easier:

3 Tips for Moving out of your Dorms

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