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How to move with your pets: Part I

Vancouver Movers offer tips for moving with pets.

Moving can be just as traumatic and stressful for your pet as it is on you and your family. Therefore, making your move as pet-friendly as possible will not only keep you sane, but your pets happy as well. Below is a suggested guideline that you may want to consider when taking your pet with you on the road to your new home.

4 Tips for Moving with Pets

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5 Tips to Long Distance Moving with Pets


Moving your household over a long distance is packed full of special considerations enough as it is. Factor pets into the equation and you’ve certainly got quite the task ahead of you. Because our moving company has many years of experience in relocating homes to, from, and within the Vancouver market – one of the most pet centered cities we’ve ever seen – Best Choice has come across many households with furry, fluffy, feathery, and even scaled family members that will be making the long distance move as well. Some people get the pet moving planning process right, some simply don’t. We’re here to help.

Here are our 5 Tips to Long Distance Moving with Pets:

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