Parting gift ideas for friends and neighbours when moving away

friends having an outdoor dinner partyDespite all the promises to stay in touch, it’s hard to leave friends and neighbors behind when relocating.  Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, but it is part of moving away that we all have to face. Giving your friends a heartfelt goodbye with a keepsake gift is a wonderful way to let them know that you will still value their friendship even when you are miles away. Below are some tips that we hope you will consider as you prepare to say goodbye to your pals and start a new chapter in your life in a new city.

Friendship photo albums: One idea is to gather all of the pictures you have taken together over the years together in a photo album. This is a great way to communicate how much you have valued a friendship and commemorate your best times together.  If you have digital photos, take them to the store and print them onto photo-quality paper. While waiting for the photos to print, take the time to pick up a photo album from the store. If you are a crafty individual, you can even consider making your own. This will make the keepsake even more personal. Write captions underneath the photos so that your friends can relive the great times you shared.  This will help you both to cherish the memories. You could also create an online photo album, that way you could share it and you each have access.

Keepsake Treasure Box:  Collect things that remind you of your friend and the good times you’ve shared.  Perhaps you traveled together and went to concerts or events over the years. You might have old theatre programmes or ticket stubs from events lying around somewhere.  Put all those mementos in a box and include some of your favorite souvenirs, such as photos, trinkets, books, ornaments or toys.  You can also include some tasty treats; just make sure that you choose nonperishable items, like hard candies.  Finding objects that connect to mutual friends or places you frequented together are just some of the things that you can place inside this special treasure box. Be creative and have fun.

A personal letter: Nothing beats this classic way of saying goodbye to someone dear to you. Keep the art of hand-written letters alive, practice your penmanship and give your friends something to cherish.  Think back on your friendships and tell your friends individually how much they have meant to you. It is not often you get the chance to do this, so take advantage of it and let everything out. Who knows? Perhaps it will bring you closer together or be a cathartic experience for both of you. Remember to write down how you met and some of your favorite memories. Recall the movies you saw together, restaurants you frequented or places you visited.  If you want, you can also talk about tough times you went through together and how much they have strengthened your friendship as a result.

We hope that this will help you say goodbye to your friends in a positive way. If you are moving to or within the Greater Vancouver area, please visit our local moving page for more info and to get your free estimate, or give us a call. We promise that we will greet you with a smile.