Overseas Movers 6 Tips to Moving Overseas


As a Vancouver moving company that specializes in long distance moving, in particular overseas relocations, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on the matter. Being that we at Best Choice Moving use our blog to provide useful advice on all things related to the moving process we thought we’d provide our readers with one of our most valuable blog editions yet.

6 Tips to Moving Overseas:

1. Shipping vs New Purchase

Shipping large items can be costly yet when it comes to items that are important to one’s quality of life they tend to suck up the expense and overlook the obvious alternative – buying new while abroad. For large possessions like cars, grand pianos, and the like the cost of shipping may very well be more than the purchase price of a new one. Take serious stock of these potentially expensive to ship goods and do some homework to see if you can find the same option overseas at a price that makes sense. If so, sell what you have and use the revenue to buy new.

2. Shipping vs Storage

We’ve relocated many individuals and households overseas that only plan on living there for a relatively short period of time, often one to two years on work contracts. On the same token as above where shipping can be enormous for large items, one may consider securing storage locally for non-essentials so that they save on the shipping and know that the possessions left behind will remain safe and sound until their return.

3. Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork involved when moving overseas, not only for individual and family immigration purposes but for shipping goods as well. Be sure to cut through the red tape and ensure that all of your paperwork, specific to your new home destination, is in order. A professional overseas mover will be able to point you in the right direction.

4. Medical

While everyone needs to ensure that they have proper medical coverage for their new life overseas one must take care not to put this process off until after arrival. So many contingencies can occur and when it comes to your health (and your family) so you should err on the side of excessive caution. If anyone has a medical condition or allergy that could be ignited during the relocation process them doubling up on personal medical supplies (prescriptions, etc…) is a must.

5. Finances

International banking can be a real pain if not planned for well in advance. Be sure to set up your new bank accounts before departing for your new overseas home and have plenty of liquid assets on hand in the form of traveler’s checks (and some cash tucked safely away) should you need it – something always comes up where you will need it. Trust us on that.

6. Go Pro From Door to Door

We know this may be the obvious result of the article on overseas moving tips but without question no household should ever attempt to undertake an overseas relocation without the full service aid of a professional mover that specializes in long distance moves across the ocean. Best Choice Moving can help or provide explicit guidance on all of the above when you secure the services of our long distance Vancouver moving company. Contact Best Choice Moving today to prepare for your life-changing relocation.