5 Tips to Long Distance Moving with Pets


Moving your household over a long distance is packed full of special considerations enough as it is. Factor pets into the equation and you’ve certainly got quite the task ahead of you. Because our moving company has many years of experience in relocating homes to, from, and within the Vancouver market – one of the most pet centered cities we’ve ever seen – Best Choice has come across many households with furry, fluffy, feathery, and even scaled family members that will be making the long distance move as well. Some people get the pet moving planning process right, some simply don’t. We’re here to help.

Here are our 5 Tips to Long Distance Moving with Pets:

1. Move Them With You

While our moving company has pretty much packed every imaginable item onto our trucks for long distance transport one thing we certainly can’t accommodate is your pet. Your pet belongs with you during the move, no matter how long the journey. Go to your trusted local pet shop and let them know what kind of animal you have, how far you are traveling, and the means of which you will get there (automobile, plane, ship) and they will be able to recommend a carrier that best accommodates the health and happiness of your pet.

2. Vet Check-Up

One month prior to your long distance location be sure to pay a visit to the veterinarian and request a comprehensive check-up for your pet in preparation for the big move.

3. Check Pet Regulations in New City

Every city and the neighborhoods within have their own set of laws regarding the day to day ownership of a pet. It’s essential to have a compete understanding of these rules before moving there. Licensing, leash laws, and pet ID requirements are the most common but there are also exotic species considerations and other more unique scenarios to consider as well. Every city has a “City of…” website that will provide this information about about pet regulations.

4. Check Pet Transport Regulations

In addition to laws and regulations placing limitations on pets within a city, region, or country, there separate rules and regulations regarding the province to province, state to state, and country to country transport of your pets. For example, if you are moving to Hawaii, you are required to have your pet quarantined for a total of 120 days to protect the islands from both rabies and other microscopic invasive species that may be carried on your pet. If you are moving long distance, do some homework about the laws and regulations regarding your pets transport entry portion into the province, state, or country. Aside from the transport entry considerations, airlines and ships also have differing regulations that need to be abided by before they’ll board your pet. Check with your specific transport vessel before booking the ticket.

5. Keep Them Collared with ID

Throughout the entire moving process make sure that your pet is wearing an ID collar and its carrier has identification on it as well. Your contact information should be explicit and clear in the event that your pet gets lost in transport (airline, etc…). Have a minimum two points of contact should your cell phone be out of service within certain areas while moving.

By following the above 5 Tips to Moving Pets Over a Long Distance you not only gain peace of mind you ensure that your valued member of the family is well protected. If you are considering Best Choice Moving for your next location and have any questions about this or any other topic regarding preparing for your move with us, please feel free to contact our Vancouver movers anytime.