5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Out of Town


Don’t advertise it…

Today’s Best Choice Moving blog post applies to everyone. Whether you are taking a vacation (more than a long weekend), or travel frequently in your career, or are even a part-time resident with properties in different cities, you know what it’s like to leave your home for an extended period of time and have the safety of your vacated home on your mind. In our never-ending journey to make household living easier for our customers and readers we thought we’d provide a few easy tips to keeping your home safe while you are away for a week or more.

5 Tips to Protecting Your Home When Out of Town

1. Don’t Hide the Keys Outside

This is the biggest mistake made by residents of a home. This age old method of keeping backup keys within reach of those dropping in (neighbors, etc…) to check on things or as a precaution in the event that you lose your main set went out with the 1950’s. You may think that clever hiding spot (under the patio BBQ, cat’s outdoor litter box, etc…) is safe from prying neerdowellers but if you imagined it they can too. Keep your extra set of keys with trusted neighbors or friends that live close to your home should you need them to pop in for whatever reason.

2. Keep Up Appearances on Your Front Yard

The biggest telltale sign that your home is temporarily abandoned is a front lawn in disarray. If it’s the winter (as we pen this article) and you live in a snowy climate be sure to have neighbors (or whomever can help out in your absence) shovel and salt paths and walkways surrounding the home. During the spring/summer the same methodology should be applied with a lawn mover and watering hose. Keep your front yard looking well kept while out of town and your home will be kept safe and sound.

3. Mail Delivery Pile-Up

Another dead giveaway that you’re frolicking miles away from your abode is a pile-up of mail in your front gate box or sticking out of the slot in your front door. If out of town for a few weeks or more then cancel your mail delivery temporarily or bring in those trusty neighbors once more to pick it up every other day.

4. There’s an App for That

Make your home safe smart by downloading smartphone apps that help protect your home when away. There are dozens of great apps that will allow you to turn your lights, LCD TV, and stereo systems off and on at will to give the appearance that someone is home in the darker hours of the day. For those taking things one step further there are many home security options (including indoor/outdoor surveillance) that can be controlled and monitored from mobile devices.

5. Don’t Advertise Your Absence Online

We know you may be excited about your up and coming overseas trip but taking to your favorite social networks and advertising this fact in front of a wide online audience opens your home up to those with poor intentions. Keep the conversation offline between friends and coworkers and save the Facebook bragging for after your return.

We hope the above tips help put your mind at ease for your next trip so that you can kick back and enjoy accordingly (even if for work). For any inquiries regarding your next home relocation or for storage needs please contact Best Choice Moving at your convenience.