5 Items to Donate to Ease Your Home Relocation Load


If you read our recent New Year resolution article regarding minimizing the clutter in your home in order to make more efficient use of the storage available to you then you know we made mention of donations. We have always stated that the moving process begins the minute you make the decision to move. At that point households should begin instituting ways to reduce the amount of possessions that come with them on the future relocation. One of the most effective and altruistic ways to accomplish this is by donating items around the home, some of which you may not have anticipated as candidates for such a thing in the first place. Today, Best Choice Moving & Storage is providing you with a few recommendations to help you in this endeavor.

5 Things to Donate Before Your Next Move

1. Food

For most of us, our cupboards and pantries are stocked with an assortment of non-perishable food stuffs that we have not touched for months and will likely not do so for the days preceding your impending move. As opposed to inviting your friends over for a buffet style meal of canned beans, dry cereal, and noodles for the sake of emptying out the leftovers of a WalMart grocery section shopping spree, donate the items to your local food bank. Most grocery stores in your neighborhood will have a bin to make doing so that much more convenient.

2. Books

People either lug their hefty personal “library” of books they will never read again or throw them in the recycling bin when moving, not thinking that their hard and soft cover collection could be valued by others without access to them. For your next move, lighten your literary load by taking your boxes of books to your local public library for donation.

3. Toys

Chances are that your children have toys leftover from the Holidays or a recent birthday that have not seen the light of day since they were opened. They may also have quite the collection of old toys, games, and puzzles that are no longer dear to their hearts yet have been kept in good condition. Let your kids know about the good they can do by setting aside the aforementioned and donating them to the local Salvation Army so that unfortunate children can receive these items and have their days brightened.

4. Clothes

Perfectly good clothes, shoes, and even linens too often end up in the trash because they are no longer in fashion. While these items may no longer have a place on the runway they certainly can have a second life warming the bodies of the less fortunate. Many neighborhoods have clothing donation bins but if your community is without simply contact your local Big Brothers & a Sisters to find out their home pick-up schedule.

5. Furniture

Anyone living in an apartment building has seen the pile of furniture, from leather sofas and desks to bed frames and TV stands, that can be dumped in the garbage/recycle area or alley behind their building at the end of the month (moving day). It is almost unbelievable how much good condition furniture is laid to rest without being considered for donation, each and every month. Lighten your relocation load tremendously and feel great about it by contacting your local Salvation Army to see if they can make use of your old household furnishings.

We hope this article not only serves to ease your next relocation but will urge you to do some community good as a fortunate side effect. For all other inquiries regarding local and long distance moving in Vancouver, please contact Best Choice Moving & Storage anytime.