10 Ways to De-stress after Moving: Part II

woman running with her dogAll of the hassles associated with uprooting your life and relocating to a new place can make you so stressed that you want to scream. Thankfully, there are many ways to help you de-stress without putting more strain on your budget. Here, we will continue from our last entry and provide you with the second part of our top ten ways to help you unwind after the big move.

6. Exercise: This might sound counterintuitive, but exercising can actually loosen up your muscles and release tension from highly stressful situations. Yes, you may become more tired after physical exertion, but once you have rested, you will be more invigorated and refreshed than if you hadn’t exercised at all.  You do not need strenuous activities – in fact, a light jog or a simple yoga session will suffice.

7. Play games: Games may not be your usual cup of tea, but they can be very entertaining if you find the right one.  Video games are a great escape and you can play alone or with friends, or gather your family for a games night full of classic board and card games. If gaming is not your thing, there are always plenty of movies to catch up on. Treat yourself to microwave popcorn and a blockbuster.

8. Listen to music: Press play on your entertainment system or your MP3 player/iPod and let your favorite tunes fill up your entire house. Music will not only put you in a great mood, but it can also tease out physical exhaustion when you combine it with a good rest on a comfy couch or sofa.

9. Take a long bath: Run a bathtub full of warm water, put in the water some bath salts, light your aromatic candles and you will find yourself transported away to a luxurious spa right in your very own home. Soaking your sore muscles in warm water is a great way to refresh your body as well.

10. Play with your pets: Spending time with your pets and running your hands down their soft, warm bodies can help decrease blood pressure and put your mind at ease. After a long, hard day’s moving, you deserve some cuddling from your best friend, be it a dog, a cat, or a stuffed animal J

Hopefully you will put at least one of our suggestions to use! If you have not moved yet and are in need of local Vancouver moving services, check out our moving services, get your free estimate online or give us a call.