10 tips for apartment-cleaning before moving

house cleaning before a moveMoving is a nerve-wracking experience with an endless to-do list.  If you are a renter, you have the added stress of having to prepare for a move-out inspection in order to get your damage deposit back. To help alleviate potential headaches, here is a simple guide for you to follow as you prepare to leave your apartment:

Move-out inspection cleaning checklist for renters

Step 1:

Phone your utilities companies and set the date to turn off the utilities. If your rent already includes utilities, your landlord should have already taken care of this, but it never hurts to check.

Step 2:

Remove all nails, staples and tacks you have placed into the walls, ceilings, or doors of the apartment to hang things on. If you have any scuff marks on the walls, floors or doors, you can use a magic eraser to gently scrub them off – just make sure to test it out first as sometimes you may inadvertently remove the paint right off the wall.

Step 3:

Fill sink with warm water and add detergent to produce soapy water for cleaning the kitchen. Use a sponge or durable cloth and dip into the water before you use it to clean refrigerators, tables, cabinets and floors.  Remember to rinse off soapy residue with a wet, clean and soap-free towel afterward.

Step 4:

Clean the bathrooms by thoroughly scrubbing the sink, tub, toilet and shower. Remove any buildup and wipe down all fixtures.  Clean the mirrors and mop the bathroom floor. Make sure to remove all mildew.

Step 5:

Clean the bedrooms by wiping down any closet shelves and mirrors. If you have carpet, treat the spots before vacuuming/deep-cleaning. Mop if you have wooden floors.

Step 6:

Clean the windows and wash the blinds. Wipe between the blades of the ceiling fan and/or any light fixtures in the room. Replace all burnt-out lights. Vacuum and/or mop the floor.

Step 7:

Sweep and clean the exterior (e.g. balcony, patio, doors). Remove all garbage.

Step 8:

Take pictures of the apartment and keep for your records in case your landlord wants to contest the “damages” you have inflicted on your soon-to-be former apartment. Send the photos and a written description to your landlord and ask him/her to sign off on them.

Step 9:

Go to your move-out inspection and get a copy for your records.

Step 10:

Return your keys. Congratulations! Give yourself a big pat on the back for getting your deposit back! We would be happy to be your Vancouver moving company of choice and help you move into your new home. Get your free estimate today.